Q: What did you do for your birthday?

I just hungout with Nessa and Finn, and my brothers and their girlfriends came over for dinner. I got a maschine, and new shoes because all I had were slippers, so I’m stoked.

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Q: Happy Birthday! Buy some porn and some cigars!

Yeahhhh nigga I will

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Legal in 45 minutes woooh

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Q: "I'll be nice I swear" I am now even more sure that you need the Lord.

I just dont really understand why you care, when I tried to look up your blog you telling three other people they need jesus came up. You don’t know me, or my life, or what makes me happy, and what does make me happy is believing in myself and not some book. Keep your religion to yourself and I’ll do the same. And get a life that doesnt involve preaching your bullshit because I have been through enough to stand for what I believe in and some lil hipster tumblr jerk isnt going to change that.

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